Bags Under Eyes: Causes, Preventions, and Treatments

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bags under eyes

Bags under eyes are a common concern affecting all people, regardless of gender and age.

These puffy or swollen areas under the eyes can make you look tired, older, and less confident. 

Although they are usually not medical problems, they can affect how you feel about yourself.

However, in rare cases, these saggy areas around the eyes cause vision problems. 

It is important to seek medical help for its prevention and treatment methods.

This informative guide will provide everything you need to know about bags under the eyes, their causes, preventions, treatment, and home remedies.

What are bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes refer to the swollen or puffy appearance of the skin and tissues around the eyes. 

Its symptoms include the following:

They make a person appear tired or unwell. 


Here are some causes of bags under eyes:


One of the most common causes of bags under the eyes is the natural aging process. 

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, which can lead to sagging and puffiness. 

The fat pads that normally support the eyes can also migrate or shift, creating the appearance of bags.


Your genetics can play a significant role in whether you are prone to having bags under the eyes. 

If your parents or grandparents had them, you may be more likely to as well. 

Genetic factors can influence the thickness and structure of the skin around the eyes.

Lack of sleep

A lack of good quality sleep can contribute to bags under the eyes. 

During sleep, the body naturally removes excess fluid from the facial tissues. 

Fluid can accumulate when you don’t get enough sleep, leading to puffiness and dark circles.


Allergic reactions to allergens like pollen, dust mites, or pet dander can cause inflammation around the eyes. 

This can result in puffiness, redness, and dark circles.

Fluid retention

Drink plenty of waterSource: kupicoo_from_Getty_Images
Drink plenty of water

Poor dietary choices can lead to fluid retention.

It can occur for various reasons, including excessive salt intake, dehydration, hormonal changes, or high blood pressure. 

When excess fluid accumulates in the tissues under the eyes, it can cause puffiness and bags.

Sun exposure

Excessive exposure to the sun can damage our skin and lead to premature aging. 

The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive, making it especially vulnerable to UV damage. 

Over time, this can contribute to the development of bags.


Smoking makes your skin age faster, including the skin around your eyes.

It can lead to the breakdown of elastin fibers and collagen, resulting in sagging and puffiness.


Continuous rubbing and scratching can cause eye irritation.

This irritation around the eyes can exacerbate the puffiness and swelling of the eyes.

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions like Dermatitis, Dermatomyositis, Renal disease, and Thyroid eye disease can lead to bags under eyes.

In these cases, addressing the underlying medical issue may help improve the appearance of bags.

Preventive ways

There are some preventive measures that you can take to reduce the swelling or puffiness around the eye area.

It includes the following:

Get proper sleep

Make sure you get a good quality sleep. 

Aim for around 7-9 hours of rest each night. This helps your eyes look fresh and less puffy.

Limit sun exposure

When it’s sunny, wear sunglasses and use sunscreen around your eyes. 

It will protect your skin from getting damaged by harmful UV rays.

Manage allergies

pollen damage your eyesSource: Изображени_пользователя_Henadzi
Pollen Allergy

If you have allergies that make your eyes puffy and red, try to manage them. 

Keep the room windows closed during high pollen seasons. 

Your doctor may recommend allergy medications if your allergies are hard to avoid or control. 

Have a balanced diet

Enjoy a healthy diet with lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. 

Good nutrition helps keep your skin in good shape.

Limit excessive consumption of alcohol as it can dehydrate the skin.

Normally, bags under eyes are not harmful. But, if you face vision problems or irritation from it, contact your doctor immediately. 

Home remedies

Here are some home remedies for bags under the eyes:

Tea bags

Using tea bagsSource: Mukhina1_from_Getty_Images
Using tea bags

Tea bags, whether green or black tea bags, help reduce the swelling caused by fluid accumulating in the area beneath the eyes.

You will need these to start with it:

  • Tea bags
  • Warm water

Follow these steps to start with:

  • For around 5 minutes, soak two teabags in warm water 
  • Put those bags over your eyelids
  • After covering it with a soft cloth, leave it on for about half an hour

Aloe vera

It contains essential antioxidants and vitamins. 

Thus, it helps to reduce the puffiness around your eyes and tones the skin with its anti-aging effects.

You will need pure aloe vera gel for the following steps:

  • Leave the gel applied around your eyes for 8-10 minutes
  • After the stipulated time, rinse with cold water


Using chilled cucumbers to get rid of eye bags naturally would be best. 

It reduces eye bags and helps get rid of wrinkles and dark circles.

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While the cucumber reduces irritation, its cooling effect reduces swelling.

To use this method, you need cucumber slices. Follow these steps to use the cucumber effectively:

  • To chill the pieces, place them in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Take them out from the refrigerator and place them on your eyes
  • Leave them on for about 10 to 15 minutes

Cold compress

Cold compresses can be an effective and simple remedy for reducing puffiness or swelling under the eyes.

Remember, these solutions can be temporarily helpful. For a more lasting solution, it is better to consult a dermatologist.

Treatment options

Here are some treatment options for bags under eyes:

Eye creams and moisturizers

Using Eye cream for bags under eyes Source: pixelshot
Using eye cream for bags under eyes

Choose eye creams that contain ingredients like caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.

They can help reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of bags.

Use a good-quality moisturizer to keep the skin around your eyes hydrated. 

This can help improve elasticity and reduce the prominence of bags.

Cosmetic procedures

In more severe cases, or when lifestyle and topical treatments don’t provide the desired results, you might consider cosmetic procedures.

It includes dermal fillers, botox, and chemical peels.

These cosmetic procedures can help reduce the appearance of bags under eyes.

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Blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery method that removes excess fat, skin, or muscles in the area around your eyes.

It enhances the overall look of your eyes.

After the procedure, you can observe some swelling and bruising, which is normal. 

You will need to take it easy for a few days and follow your surgeon’s instructions for post-operative care.

If you are considering eyelid surgery, it is essential to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist. 

They will evaluate your individual needs and help you decide if this procedure is right for you.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy for wrinklesSource: Africa's_Images
Laser therapy for wrinkles

Laser therapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

It is used to address issues like bags under the eyes, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture problems.

The laser energy heats the deeper skin layers, stimulating collagen production. 

Collagen is a protein that is beneficial for our bones, face, skin, and hair and helps it look youthful and firm.Our body makes it naturally, but it gradually decreases as we age.

Over time, you will notice improvements in the skin around your eyes. 

When to see a doctor

If your bags are persistent, severe, or accompanied by other symptoms like pain or vision changes, it is essential to see a doctor. 

They can identify any underlying issues and provide appropriate treatments.


Bags under eyes are a common concern that makes the skin under the eyes dark, puffy, and loose.

Typically, it is not a medical issue, but it can be addressed through various means. 

Bags under eyes can occur due to many factors like genetics, aging, lack of sleep, and rubbing your eyes.

Good sleep quality and a balanced diet are a few ways to prevent bags under eyes.

You can also try some home remedies like using aloe vera, cucumber slices, and a cold compress for eyes.

Eyelid surgery, fillers, creams, moisturizers, and laser therapy are some of the medical treatments for bags under eyes.

 But for persistent or severe cases, you should consult a doctor’s advice first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bags under eyes?

Bags under the eyes are puffy or swollen areas beneath the eyes. They make you look tired and older. These bags come with symptoms like dark circles, loose skin, and swelling. Though usually not a health concern, they can impact self-esteem.

What causes bags under the eyes?

Bags under the eyes can be caused by various factors. It includes aging, genetics, lack of sleep, allergies, fluid retention, sun exposure, smoking, and skin rubbing. Certain medical conditions like Dermatitis. 

How can I prevent puffy bags under my eyes?

To prevent puffy bags under your eyes, focus on getting enough sleep, protecting your skin from sun damage, and managing allergies. Maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits and veggies and limit caffeine and alcohol intake to avoid skin dehydration.

Is there any way to treat bags under eyes?

Yes, there are treatments for bags under the eyes. You can use eye creams, moisturizers, and home remedies like cucumber slices. Cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers or surgery, can also help. Consult a doctor for the best approach based on your specific needs.

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