Content Information Policy

At the integrity of its content is paramount.

This document describes the norms of ethics that govern our medical and editorial content. 

The policy sets ground rules for how we create content, check its accuracy, keep it updated and proofread it to validate facts.

Our readers are our most valuable assets. We are committed to providing unbiased and trustworthy content to sustain our relationship with our readers.

Hence, our in-house writers, editors, proofreaders, and medical professionals strive to achieve excellence by upholding the highest editorial standards. 

Preparing: Ground - Research

We prepare the ground of our articles with care. 

The topics we pick strive to provide healthcare and wellness information to our readers. 

The articles are a balanced connection between lifestyle and health. 

The idea is to work for compassionate care for the wholesome health of everyone worldwide. 

We also understand that the journey of health is different for everyone. 

Hence, our editorial team conducts extensive ground research and self-evaluation to ensure the article covers the wellness spectrum. 

Selecting the Ideal Team fosters an inclusive team with members from different backgrounds and cultures. 

This brings in a variety of voices and perspectives on the health table. 

Our in-house team picks experienced authors and collaborators with diligence. 

We evaluate the topic competence, subject matter expertise, and life experience of our content authors. 

We educate them on the best techniques for research and sourcing and give continuous feedback and coaching.

We conduct regular training and sessions to empower and educate the authors. 

Data collection: Logic and Statistics

The data collected and provided on our pages are backed by authoritative sources. 

At, it is crucial to state data and statistics as a part of information delivery.

To avoid incorrect information and maintain the trust of our readers, we ensure that the data is from a verified source.

The sources can be the World Health Organisation ( WHO), Scholar, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), and so on. 

You will find these sources at the end of the page or they may be linked from the data shared in the article.

Evaluation and Presentation's content strives to inform the audience of the best health solutions and maintain overall wellness. We empower our audience with content that is accessible, accurate, and reliable. 

With our well-established editorial process, we ensure truth and authenticity at the table. 

Every time Wowrxpharmacy's content team develops the content according to the pre-determined process. 

Each piece of content goes through the same process for creation and scrutiny before being published on the website. 

Exhaustive Research

A lot of health information is available - but most of it is confusing, false, and overwhelming. vows to make a difference. 

The ground of any content is prepared with thorough research to ensure that the content is evidence-based. 

The carefully selected writers dive deep to understand the topic.

We encourage our writers to spend the majority of their time on research. 

Research papers, government data and organizations, official product websites, professional experts, academic institutions, and studies are a few examples of credible and reliable sources we refer to often.

Where appropriate, we also cite original research from others. Readers can find our sources at the end of the pages. 

We consult relevant, diverse, and qualified sources to ensure that we provide the best information to the user.

Research Questions

 Self-evaluation and the human touch are crucial in striving for excellence. 

Hence, our writers step into the shoes of possible readers while completing the research on all topics. 

The writers ask themselves questions such as 

"What can be some causes of hair loss?", 

"Am I the right person to deliver the information?"

"Do I know someone who has Diabetes? What is the treatment they opt for? What is the cause of the condition."

"Is this information relevant to the intent of the reader?"

"Is this topic repetitive?"

Only after external research and internal reflection do the authors begin writing.

Testing Accuracy

The data collected is thoroughly verified in pursuit of accurate and trustworthy information.

Medical experts and our in-house editors peer-review our health information.

Each article includes the author's name, the editor's name, and the medical reviewer's name.

Each content has a life, at the end of which it is updated to ensure correct information. 

After publishing, we must immediately rectify any errors which we discover, no matter how small.

Wording, formatting, correction, update, and clarification tasks should adhere to the most recent recommendations in the guide provided to the writers.


We follow a three-step process for fact-checking before publishing the content. 

The writer is responsible for the research and fact check before forwarding the content to the editorial team. 

The proofreader then scans the document to recheck the facts. 

Finally, the article is medically reviewed by an expert who not only brings clinical expertise and research knowledge to the table but also can add their perspective to the same. 


Our team of proofreaders is committed to striking out the chances of any false or incorrect information in addition to rechecking the article's grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and format. 

The proofreading process adheres to a strict set of guidelines that we formulate in pursuit of excellence. 

The scrutiny promises a singular tone, voice, style, and mission of the content representing the brand Wowrxphrarmcy. 

Regular Content Updation

Health information evolves with time - with every new research new information is available that updates old beliefs. regularly monitors and updates its content to provide accurate and current information. 

To make this a reality, we have teams of editors and subject-matter experts dedicated to finding and correcting older information. 

Our medical experts ensure that the information provided on the website adheres to new clinical guidelines. 

The team communicates these insights to our editors and partners so that the material may be updated to reflect the most recent, accurate, and valuable information.

The updates may include correcting minor mistakes, including new information, substituting pictures and sources, or any other alteration intended to enhance the content's use for you, the reader.

We update and reevaluate material through the continuous process of audit.

The editorial team of Wowrxpharmacy conducts regular audits and checks for new updates on the information provided. 

This audit includes rechecking the information on the sources we link. 

Rapid response to input. We invite reader feedback on our content and take immediate action to address potential issues. 

If you have an article that could be improved, please get in touch with us at

Our editorial and medical teams investigate the input, identify any necessary adjustments, and republish the revised information.

Empathetic, Trustworthy, and Understandable

We ensure that the content is easy to understand for our audience which comes from diverse backgrounds. 

Hence, our authors and editors prioritize empathy, practical application, excellent sources, inclusiveness, readability, clarity, and proper citations.

We promote a warm and empathetic tone of the content that is approachable yet brave. 

We make deliberate decisions to eliminate stigma, preconceptions, and bias by using empathic language to communicate tales that are free of judgment.

Since language and data representation change regularly on the internet, the Wowrxpharmacy Editorial Team periodically conducts market research to be updated with the latest trends.

We carefully choose words that combat stigmas to empower our readers and provide compassionate care. 

With regular updation and evolvement of the language, we ensure to update ourselves. 

Transparency and Fairness believes in transparency.

Our Editorial Team solely decides what we write, and no advertising company is involved. 

If we collaborate with any person or organization, it is disclosed upfront.

Our readers must remember that even in a collaborative effort, we will not be influenced to mold the information provided. 

The trustworthiness of our content is paramount, and it will not be compromised under any circumstances.