19 Signs a Guy Is Really Turned on by You

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signs a guy is really turned on by you

Humans tend to hide their feelings or try to convey the opposite messages to steer the interaction in their desired direction.

However, despite these best efforts to control one’s emotional expressions, there are always certain cues over which they have no control.

Similarly, if a man is turned on by you, there might be some cues that he might convey subconsciously and grab your attention toward his feelings.

As per NCBI, some listed expressions include coy smiles, genuine smiling, leaning forward, tilting head, blushing, and hair flipping.

This comprehensive article will explicitly uncover 19 verbal and non-verbal signs a guy is really turned on by you to indicate his interest and availability.

Male arousal signs

A man can give you the following hints or signs if he is really into you:

Gazes at you often

If a man is sexually attracted to you, you may frequently catch him stealing glances.

The eyes are a common way of building intimate relationships between two people.

According to NCBI, love at first sight, states that the attraction between two individual can be conveyed through their eyes or copulatory gaze.

The more he likes you, the more he will gaze into your eyes to express the strength of the feeling, lasting for many seconds.

In return, you can also gaze into his eyes to reinforce that you are a suitable partner and are attracted to him.

Therefore, if you catch him gazing at you often, this is a sign that you turn him on.

Initiates physical contact

Sexual contactSource: Signature_images
Couple cuddling on bed

According to NCBI, physical touch conveys more information about the toucher’s feelings and intentions towards a receiver.

Even imagining someone’s touch can be sexually arousing and pleasant.

Therefore, if he is touching you intentionally, there is a high possibility that you turn him on.

His flirting is getting dirty or horny

There can be possible chances when you notice that his flirting levels have ramped up recently, or he may text or call more often.

Pay attention to these flirting signs to see if he wants to spend more time with you.

His voice changes

A change in voice while talking to you is a subtle sign that you are turning him on. A man can talk in a deep and husky voice.

Further, men with low-pitched voices typically have higher levels of Testosterone and are perceived to be more masculine and dominant.

As per NCBI, an individual can purposely change his vocal behavior to sound more attractive and increase courtship success.

He talks about his type, and you fit in

Another subtle sign may include his endless talks about his type.

There is a high chance that conversations between you two revolve around his type, and he starts giving gestures about you being the one.

Further, he may include you in his plans by referring to “our” instead of “my.”

Smiles around you

You may find him constantly smiling at you.

It can be possible that he naturally smiles while talking to people or smiles subconsciously only around you.

He gets erections around you

Erection is a natural physiological process and occurs due to the increased blood influx to the penile region, usually when sexually stimulated.

If you notice him getting hard while spending time with him, it is a clear sign that he is getting turned on.

Erection for a longer time may cause a painful condition called Priapism. On suspecting symptoms, consult a healthcare practitioner and seek medical treatment.

He puts extra effort into his appearance

Have you noticed any changes, like wearing your favorite color shirt, getting all dressed, or smelling fragrant?

His little efforts to look presentable in front of you can account for these signs.

Subconsciously grooms himself around you

You can also observe that he touches his hair or fixes his clothes when you enter the room.

There are chances that he is doing all these things to impress you without having an idea of doing it.

In return, you can also compliment him about his looks to give him some confidence that things are going perfectly.

Tries to make physical contact

couple holding handsSource: Signature_images
Couple holding hands

Touch is the primary way of communicating intimacy in romantic relationships.

You may notice that he always makes the first physical contact, like telling you something by tapping your shoulder, where he can just call your name. 

Also, he may touch your hair and hands to show affection towards you.

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His breathing gets faster

When you are around him, notice his breathing.

Generally, sexual arousal caused by sexual stimulation is recognized to increase breathing rate.

Therefore, if he speaks with difficulty as he just came after an intense exercise or running, he is getting turned on by you.

He imitates your body language

There are other instances when he may imitate or mimic you intentionally and playfully.

He may be doing it subconsciously, without knowing, to grab your attention and make you laugh.

He looks nervous around you

If you turn him on, he may feel anxious or nervous when accompanied by you.

For example, when you pass around him, he may sit or stand still or not act appropriately in your presence.

Blushes or sweating in your presence

Emotions can directly impact physiological responses.

Being close to a loved one can increase heart rate and internal body temperature.

As a result, people may start blushing. 

Blushing is a thermoregulatory response to cool the body by drawing blood to the cheeks, where heat exchange is efficient.
Thus, it results in red cheeks.

His pupils dilate

Pupil dilation is an indication of an observer’s sexual interest in the other person.

Dilation of the pupil is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and, therefore, is less likely to be under a man’s control.

Thus, you can notice his pupils while gazing into his eyes. 

It is unlikely to suppress pupil dilation in front of a woman one is sexually attracted to. 

Thus, it can reflect sexual attraction and sexual orientation.

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) regulates the involuntary functions of the body. These functions are heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, respiration, and sexual arousal.

Licks or touches his lips

He may start touching or licking his lips subconsciously while talking to you.

In return, you can also participate and tease him.

He sits with legs outstretched

There can also be moments when he starts sitting with his legs wide open or overstretched, facing you.

He might not be aware of these subtle signs and have no clue that you are observing these, too.

He fidgets or fumbles on words

He may act like a confident man around others, but around you, he starts fumbling on words.

It is often a cute gesture to show his kind, positive, lovable, and affectionate side for you.

Further, he may act restless when you are around and fidgeting with objects.

Praise you a lot

If you really turn him on, there is no way he can control himself from complementing your outfit, smile, personality, or other features.

He may purposely do this in front of others to boost your confidence or to let them know he has eyes on you.


A man may try to hide his feelings but cannot control his emotional expression and show subtle signs that he is really turned on by you.

Some signs include gazing at you often, initiating physical contact, flirting, changing his voice to a low pitch to look more masculine, and talking about his type.

Further, he may not control smiling at you, subconsciously grooming or trying to look more presentable around you, or making physical contact.

You can also notice some physiological changes in his body, such as getting an erection, breathing faster, blushing, or sweating in your presence.

He may also praise you, fumble on words, sit with spread legs, lick or touch his lips, or have dilated pupils. He can also imitate you, get attention, and make you laugh.

Hence, trust your instincts, pay attention to the context, and foster an environment where both partners feel comfortable expressing their feelings.

Ultimately, recognizing the signs of arousal is just one aspect of building a deeper connection and understanding within a relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell if a guy is turned on by you?

There are many signs if a guy is turned on by you. Some signs include gazing at you and dilated pupils, initiating physical contact, flirting, and changing his voice to a low pitch to look more masculine. Some other signs include blushing, sweating, and getting an erection.

How to tell if a guy is just sexually attracted to you?

If a guy is just sexually attracted to you, he may gaze at you with dilated pupils and get an erection. He may also change his voice to a low pitch, breathe faster, blush, and initiate physical contact. He may bite or lick his lips or sit with wide legs.

Can a man sense when a woman is attracted to him?

While not foolproof, some men can pick up on subtle cues like body language, eye contact, and flirtatious behavior to sense if a woman is attracted to them. It’s not a superpower, just a mix of intuition and observation.

What are the signs of arousal in men?

The signs of arousal in men include blushing, pupil dilation, change in voice, getting erections, and faster breathing. He may also look nervous around you, lick his lips, fumble on words, or sit with his legs wide open. 

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