How to Stop Getting Erect So Easily?: Ways to End an Unwanted Erection

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how to stop getting erect so easily?

Have you ever been stuck in a situation that gets you in an awkward state or trouble without your consciousness, such as an erection?

Erections in an unwanted place can be reasonably unpleasant.

Then, you may wonder how to get rid of unwanted erections.

Erection is a naturally occurring phenomenon often considered a sign of good sexual health.

However, numerous ways exist to stop erecting so easily and end an unexpected erection.

This article will answer the question of ‘how to stop getting erect so easily’ to stop an erection and protect yourself from an awkward situation.

So, let’s get straight to the topic and learn more!

Effective ways to stop getting erect

Here are some effective ways to stop an unwanted erection easily:

Distract yourself

The very first thing you can do to stop an erection is to distract yourself.

Try to divert your mind to something other than an arousing thought. You can think of a math problem or your tight schedule.

Just keep your mind busy to help you prevent an erection.

Go for a walk

Regular exerciseSource: Jupiterimages_from_Photo_Images
Man running

If you are experiencing an unwanted erection, you can go for a walk.

On moving, your blood may flow to the other body parts and stop the erection.

You can also stretch or flex a muscle to redirect blood to other muscles and stop the erection.

Erection happens due to a complex mechanism where chemicals are released in the penis that increases blood flow to the penis and helps in erection.

Try to ejaculate

Ejaculation is the easiest way to get rid of an erection. 

In that case, on getting an erection, you can find the nearest restroom and try to ejaculate.

Take your time in the restroom until the erection goes away.

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After urethroplasty

According to NCBI, post-urethroplasty symptoms include erections. 

These erections can cause surgical complications, such as fistula, surgical graft failures, and wound dehiscence.

Therefore, it is crucial to prevent erections to avoid severe complications.

In the same report, NCBI stated that some oral medicines, such as Cryroterone compound and Diazepam, are commonly used after surgery.


Meditation is a premier way to eliminate arousal thoughts and divert your mind to other topics.

It relaxes your mind, improves self-control, and can help you stop unwanted erections easily.

You can calm yourself down and take deep breaths to focus on other thoughts.

Focus on your breathing, and the erection may go away naturally.

A soothing shower

showerSource: RossHelen
Man taking shower

Taking a shower is not possible if you are in a meeting or running an errand. However, if you are at home, go for it!

The cold water will help your body to redivert blood to the vital organs and may gradually stop erection.

Cold water strains the body. It activates a survival mode to maintain the optimal temperature. Thus, it increases blood circulation.

However, cold showers may also cause an erection in many men and can vary from person to person.

Instead, you can also take a warm shower to help your body relax and release the tension that causes erection.

Hold your breath

Take slow and deep breaths to calm your mind.

You can inhale for 30 seconds and hold your breath. Then, exhale for the next 30 seconds for relaxation.

Deep breathing can calm your nerves and also lower your blood pressure. Thus, it makes it hard for your penis to get erect easily.

Priapism is a medical emergency when the erection remains longer without appropriate sexual stimulation and is often painful. Consult a healthcare practitioner and seek medical treatment to avoid severe complications.


An unexpected erection may put you in an awkward situation. However, you can stop getting erect so easily with effective methods.

Try distracting yourself with thoughts other than arousal or related to your erection. You can also take slow and deep breaths to stop the erection.

You can take a relaxing walk or a cold or warm water shower to improve circulation and relax your body.

Also, you can go to the nearest restroom to ejaculate and stop an erection.

Lastly, consult a healthcare professional if the erection persists for longer to seek prompt medical treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop myself from getting erect so easily?

You can stop yourself from getting erect by opting for easy and quick measures. Take deep breaths and distract yourself from the thoughts of erection. If possible, take a walk or shower to improve blood circulation. Moreover, Consult a doctor if the condition persists.

Is it possible to stop getting erect?

Yes, it is possible to stop getting erect. You can start with meditation or deep breaths to calm your body and distract yourself. You can also take a relaxing shower to improve blood circulation. Also, go to the nearest restroom and urinate or ejaculate to stop an erection.

How to get rid of an unwanted erection?

You can get rid of unwanted erection by some simple steps. Start by distracting your mind. You can think of a maths problem. Then, take a deep breath, hold for 30 seconds, and exhale to relax your mind. You also flex a muscle or take a walk to stop erection.

Can I stop my unwanted erection?

Yes, it is possible to stop an unwanted erection. You can start by distracting yourself and taking deep breaths to relax your mind. Also, take a cold shower to improve blood circulation and stop erection. You can also ejaculate, as it is the easiest way to slow down an erection.

I get erect when I see her. How can I stop getting erect?

You can stop an erection by thinking of something other than her beauty. You can also meditate or take deep breaths to relax your mind and distract yourself. Also, if possible, take showers or walk to improve blood circulation and stop erection.

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