A Complete Guide on How to Stop Eye Twitching?

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how to stop eye twitching

Forbearing eyelid twitching, or eyelid myokymia, is widespread. It is associated with tiredness, stress, and caffeine consumption. 

Although it would help to control the factors that lead to eye twitching. 

Slight eye twitching occurs when the muscle responsible for eyelid closures, the orbicularis oculi, spontaneously contracts, creating little, involuntary twitching motions.

Myokymia of the eyelids can affect the upper or lower eyelid. However, the lower eyelid is most usually affected.

Typically, the twitching is transient and resolves within seconds or minutes.

Occasionally, they can last for hours and may become chronic.

This article discusses the details of eye twitching and how it can be treated. 

Causes of eye twitching

The actual cause of eyelid myokymia is still unknown by scientists.

However, it’s a widespread condition that can happen to any healthy individual for no specific reason.

It can be linked to some lifestyle factors like:

  • Caffeine
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Exercise
  • Tiredness

Several drugs, including Topiramate, Flunarizine, and Clozapine, might cause eyelid twitching as a side effect.

However, this is uncommon.

A 2017 study was conducted on people in Taiwan with chronic eyelid twitching. It was found that about half of the participants had differences in nerve function. 

This may be related to a problem in nerve conduction, which explains why some individuals develop a persistent twitch.

Did you know:
Experts are unsure as to why chronic eye twitching appears to be more prevalent in females.

The study’s authors speculate that this may be attributable to the fact that girls, particularly in China, experience higher stress levels than males due to societal or cultural pressures. Overall, though, additional research is required.

Doctors are unknown the exact cause of Blepharospasm, a type of eye twitch (abnormal contraction of muscles in eyelids). But it can be related to some of the conditions mentioned below:

  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease

Tips on how to stop eye twitching:

Most eye-twitching cases are not so severe, but they keep you from being productive and focusing on your task. 

There are specific steps to take if you are bothered by eye twitch. 

Reduce stress

Eyelid myokymia is linked with stress; therefore, it is necessary to reduce stress. 

Individuals can accomplish this with work distribution and not take the whole burden themselves. 

Taking time each day to unwind, pursuing stress-relieving hobbies, and practicing stress management strategies such as breathing exercises or mindfulness.

Take proper sleep

Proper sleepSource: GoodLifeStudio_from_Getty_Images_Signature
Proper sleep

We usually don’t care about our sleep patterns or even bother developing a proper one. 

Track your waking up time every day and make a routine. 

Develop a proper bedtime and try to sleep for eight hours before starting your day. 

Avoid drinking alcohol in the evening and eating heavy meals.

Address dry eyes

Gritty, dry, or irritated eyes could be a reason for eye twitching. 

Moreover, if hydration is not being of any help to your eye twitch, you should meet your eye specialist. 

In some cases, treating the underlying health issue can help clear up the symptoms of dry eyes

If you have an eyelid condition, such as eye twitching, your eye care specialist may refer some eye drops like Eyemist.

You can get this eye drop easily from WowRxPharmacy.

Avoid caffeine

Tea, coffee, some sodas, and chocolate can all contain caffeine, which may trigger or worsen eyelid twitching. 

Try gradually reducing caffeine intake or eliminating caffeine.

Items like chocolate, coffee, tea, and some sodas are the triggering effects of eye twitching. Try to switch on green tea instead of tea or coffee in the morning. 

Moreover, most over-the-counter medicines for headache and menstrual pain relief contain caffeine. So check those before starting the medication.

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Use warm compression

Individuals might apply a warm compress to the eyelid region. 

This may aid in relaxing the eye’s surrounding muscles and halting the spasms.


eye twitchingSource: RyanKing99
eye twitching

Eye twitching often goes with time, but if they don’t, it’s simply a sign that you must decompress and destress. 

Take all the measures mentioned in the article to eliminate your twitching eyes. 

Sometimes, when the eyelid starts to twitch, it’s a signal of something serious. In these situations, you need to consult your doctor for the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vitamin do I need to stop eye twitching?

Vitamins like electrolytes, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and magnesium help to stop eye twitching. Vitamins and minerals are responsible for proper muscle function, and an imbalance can cause eye twitches.

How do I make my eye quit twitching?

You can practice things like taking a step back from stress. It would help if you also cut down on caffeine. Moreover, try to keep your eyes moisturized and sleep for eight hours.

How long do eye twitches last?

Your eye twitching will last up to a few days or even weeks. If you avoid stress, have less caffeine intake, and balanced tension, it will help the eye twitch to go soon.

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