Cancellation and Refund Policy

WowRXPharmacy, our online pharmacy, is dedicated to making our buyers' buying experience as simple as possible. 

We make every effort to avoid any situation that might necessitate a refund or order cancellation.

Sometimes unexpected incidents occur. If any such incident occurs which cannot be prevented, WowRXPharmacy accepts refunds or order cancellations under the following conditions:

  • If a particular medication is no longer available or is out of stock,
  • Any complaint or disagreement
  • Cancellation by the Buyer

Suppose that the products are lost or damaged during shipping. In such a circumstance, our online medicine shop offers the buyer a complete refund or free delivery of the replacement product.

We will compensate you for the unfulfilled part if you receive only a portion of your order.

You will only be charged for the services rendered. However, the consumer must wait thirty days from the date of shipment. After thirty days, any decision must be made.

Please notify us within 45 days if you are displeased with our service or product so we can take the necessary measures.