Choosing the Best Time to Apply Estrogen Cream: A Comprehensive Guide

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best time of day to apply estrogen cream

Estrogen cream, a topical medication containing Estradiol, is commonly used to alleviate symptoms related to hormonal imbalances, particularly in postmenopausal women. 

Proper application of Estrogen cream is crucial for effective treatment, and one key consideration is the application timing. 

To ensure the best results from your Estrogen cream, it’s important to understand the guidelines provided by healthcare professionals and manufacturers.

Let’s delve into the key points to help you determine the best time of day to apply Estrogen cream based on the provided information.

The best time of day to apply Estrogen cream vaginally

The best time of day to apply Estrogen cream vaginally would depend on the specific dosage, form, and the medical condition being treated. 

It is usually advised to apply the cream every night so there is less chance of leakage of cream. 

Conjugated Estrogens cream

  • For treating inflammation of the vagina (Atrophic Vaginitis): Once a day or as directed by your doctor. Your doctor may recommend using the cream for three weeks of each month (three weeks on and one week off)
  • For treating Vulvar Atrophy: Two times per week, or as directed by your doctor, and usually used for three weeks of each month.
Good to know:
Vulvar Atrophy commonly occurs in postmenopausal women due to decreased Estrogen levels. When Estrogen levels decline, these tissues can become thinner, drier, and less elastic.

Estradiol cream

For treating Vulvar Atrophy and inflammation of the vagina (Atrophic Vaginitis), doctors generally recommend to use it once daily for one to two weeks.

After this, decrease the dose over two to four weeks. 

Estrone cream

For treating Vulvar Atrophy and inflammation of the vagina (Atrophic Vaginitis) in postmenopausal women, use it once daily, as directed by your doctor.

Topical Estrogen gel

The optimal time and location for applying topical Estradiol gel in the form of estrogen cream are:

Apply once a day, preferably in the morning. 

Starting the day with your medication can help establish a routine and ensure you remember to apply it later in the day. 

Apply after a shower or bath and ensure the skin is dry before application.

Application area

Apply a thin layer of Estradiol gel to a specific area of the skin as instructed:

  • If using Estradiol gel in a pump: Apply to one arm, from the wrist to the shoulder
  • If using Estradiol gel in single dose packets: Apply to one thigh, on the front of the thigh
  • Do not apply to your breasts or genital area
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Consistency in timing

When using Estrogen creams, consistency is crucial. 

While the specific time of day for applying Estrogen cream can vary based on personal preferences, lifestyle, and application area, maintaining consistency is paramount.

Regardless of the formulation, applying the cream around the same time each day is recommended.

This helps maintain steady hormone levels and ensures consistent relief from symptoms. 

This consistency also provides a steady dosage of Estradiol to the body.

Continuing to use the cream as prescribed, even if you feel better, is necessary to maintain the benefits. 

Abruptly stopping the cream could lead to a return of symptoms.

Follow the doctor’s instructions

Follow doctor's instructionSource: Wavebreakmedia_from_Getty_Images
Consult a doctor and follow instructions

Always adhere to your doctor’s recommendations regarding the timing and frequency of application. 

The guidelines offer general instructions, but your doctor may tailor the application schedule to your needs.

Tips for application

To have optimum results and fewer risks of Estrogen cream, be sure to follow the instructions before applying the Estrogen cream.

  • Clean and dry skin: Before applying Estrogen cream, ensure the skin is clean, dry, and does not have any irritation or breaks. This provides proper absorption of the medication
  • Avoid sensitive areas: It is important to apply Estrogen cream to specific areas of the body as directed by your healthcare provider or the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Prevent cross-contamination: If someone else is applying the cream to your skin, they should wear disposable gloves and wash their hands afterward
Estrogen gel formulations are flammable when wet. Avoid open flames, smoking, or any activity that could ignite the medication until it has dried on your skin.


In alleviating symptoms related to hormonal imbalances, Estrogen creams play a vital role in providing relief, especially for postmenopausal women.

Remember that consistency is important, while the best time of day to apply Estrogen cream can vary based on individual preferences and the formulation used.

If you’re using conjugated Estrogens, Estradiol, or Estrone cream vaginally, nighttime is preferred. 

For those using topical Estradiol gel, starting your day with a thin layer of the medication can help establish a routine.

Clean, dry skin enhances absorption while avoiding sensitive areas minimizes risks. 

An essential safety consideration is the flammability of some Estrogen gel formulations while wet. 

Consult your healthcare provider to tailor the application schedule to your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It safe to use Estrogen cream daily?

Using Estrogen cream daily can be safe when prescribed by a healthcare professional for conditions like Atrophic Vaginitis. Safety depends on individual health and the cream’s formulation. Consult your doctor before daily use.

When not to use Estrogen cream?

Avoid using Estrogen cream if you have known allergies to its ingredients or a history of blood clots. Additionally, if you’ve had certain cancers or are experiencing undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, it’s important to consult your doctor before considering its use. 

How quickly does Estrogen cream work?

The onset of action of Estrogen cream can vary from person to person. While some may experience relief from symptoms like vaginal dryness within a few weeks, the timeline may be longer for other symptoms. It is important to adhere to your doctor’s recommended treatment duration and guidelines for optimal results. 

Should you use Estrogen cream day or night?

Whether using Estrogen cream during the day or night depends on personal preference, convenience, and formulation. Consistency is key, so choose a time that fits your routine. A topical gel is often applied in the morning for optimal absorption. Consult your healthcare provider for tailored advice.

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