Exploring Telogen Effluvium Women Triggers and Management

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telogen effluvium women

Telogen Effluvium (TE) is a temporary hair shedding condition that primarily affects women.

This condition can happen due to various factors like hormonal changes, stress, and intake of certain medications.

Knowing the triggers of the condition is crucial to restore healthy hair growth and boost women’s confidence effectively.

This article will help you understand Telogen Effluvium in women and its triggers.

We will also provide insights into the diagnosis and management options for Telogen Effluvium.

Understanding Telogen Effluvium in women

Telogen Effluvium (TE) can happen to any individual, but women have more chance of facing it because of hormonal changes due to postpartum.

TE causes overall hair thinning on the scalp, but it may not be uniform. 

The top of the scalp is more affected than the sides and back. 

The hairline usually does not recede, except in rare chronic cases.

Chronic Telogen Effluvium often affects healthy women between 30 and 60 years old.

Triggers for Telogen Effluvium in women

Common triggers for Telogen Effluvium in women are mentioned below: 


Woman in stressSource: kieferpix_from_Getty_Images
Stressed woman

Stress can lead to hair loss.

Significant physical stressors like chronic illness, severe infections or traumatic events like the loss of a loved one can disrupt the hair growth cycle.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal fluctuations due to childbirth, pregnancy, discontinuing birth control pills can contribute to TE.

Entering Menopause can also contribute to hair shedding.

Nutritional deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies can lead to hair loss.

Make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B, C, iron, and zinc to support hair growth.

Major surgery

Major surgical procedures and anesthesia can cause temporary hair shedding a few months after the procedure.

Medical conditions

Hair shedding can result from conditions such as Thyroid disorders,  and autoimmune diseases.

These health conditions can disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to increased hair loss and thinning.


Certain medications  can trigger Telogen Effluvium in women.

It includes Retinoids, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, depression medicines, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Retinoids can cause hair follicles to enter a stage of early regression (catagen stage), disrupting the normal hair growth cycle. This can lead to hair shedding.

How long does Telogen Effluvium last in women

Telogen Effluvium is classified into two types, acute and chronic.

Acute Telogen Effluvium lasts fewer than six months. In 95% of cases, it resolves and goes away on its own. 

A chronic Telogen Effluvium lasts at least six months and may remain for six to seven years. It may lead to diffuse hair thinning.

Usually, the hair’s resting phase, called telogen, lasts about 3 to 4 months, after which new hair grows again.

Diagnosis of Telogen Effluvium in women

To diagnose Telogen Effluvium in women, a doctor or dermatologist may perform several examinations.

It may include the following:

Excessive hair shedding

Hair shedding on combSource: AndreyPopov from Getty Images
Hair shedding

Telogen Effluvium leads to widespread hair loss.

Your doctor may observe the clinical features.

They may ask you to look for increased hair shedding on pillows, brushes, and in the shower. 

Recent triggers

Your doctor may ask you about recent life events, such as pregnancy, surgery, or emotional stress.

These hormonal changes can trigger Telogen Effluvium.


Doctor may assess the duration of hair shedding.

Telogen Effluvium is usually temporary and lasts for only a few months.

Scalp examination

Examine the scalp for signs of inflammation or scalp disorders. 

Telogen Effluvium does not cause scarring or bald patches.

Blood tests

Your doctor may consider blood tests to check for nutritional deficiencies (iron, zinc, vitamin D).

They may also conduct a Thyroid function test to check the Thyroid hormone levels.

Management of Telogen Effluvium in women

TE is not a permanent condition and can be reversed.

It can be managed by taking care of a few things that includes the following:

Identify the underlying cause

Telogen Effluvium often gets better independently without any treatment within a few months.

Once the trigger causing the condition is removed, your hair will regrow.

That is why it is essential to identify the underlying cause to manage Telogen Effluvium in women effectively.

Consult a healthcare professional or a dermatologist. They will help determine the trigger for your hair loss accurately. They will also provide guidance to manage the condition.

Manage stress

Stress is a common factor contributing to Telogen Effluvium.

Engaging in activities that help reduce stress, such as yoga, meditation, or spending time in nature, can help improve your overall well-being and hair health.

Maintain a balanced diet

Eat a variety of foods that consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean proteins.

These nutritional foods may help in promoting hair growth.

Medication adjustment

If medications are contributing to Telogen Effluvium in women, consult with a healthcare professional.

They will adjust the dosage or switch to alternative medications according to your current conditions.

Gentle hair care

Avoid using harsh hair products as they can further damage fragile hair. 

Use a shampoo with fewer chemicals and a conditioner suitable for your hair type.

Frequent use of heat-styling tools like straighteners and blow dryers can weaken the hair and contribute to further hair loss. 

Use them sparingly and at lower heat settings.

Hair growth medication

You can use over-the-counter medications like Minoxidil to promote hair growth in women.

A study published by The National Library of Medicine suggests that oral Minoxidil can effectively treat Telogen Effluvium.

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Telogen Effluvium is a hair loss condition that can affect women.

Various factors can trigger the situation, like stress, childbirth, discontinuation of birth control pills, and nutritional deficiencies.

Telogen Effluvium is not permanent, and hair loss can be reversed once the cause is removed.

Careful examination of hair shedding, a blood test to check hormonal levels, and a scalp examination can be done to diagnose Telogen Effluvium in women.

Hair growth can be promoted by having a balanced diet, managing stress, and gentle hair care.

Always consult a doctor’s advice for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Telogen Effluvium happen to women?

Yes, Telogen Effluvium can affect women, primarily due to factors like hormonal changes, stress, childbirth, and medication use. It leads to temporary hair thinning on the scalp but is reversible.

What can trigger Telogen Effluvium in women?

Various factors can trigger Telogen Effluvium in women. It may include severe infections, psychological stress, major surgery, nutritional deficiencies, childbirth, and discontinuation of birth control pills.

How to manage Telogen Effluvium in women?

It is important to identify and address the underlying cause to manage Telogen Effluvium in women. You can try a few ways to promote hair growth, like managing stress, maintaining a balanced diet with essential nutrients, and using gentle hair care.

How long does Telogen Effluvium last in women?

Telogen Effluvium in women can last for a few months. Depending on whether Telogen Effluvium is acute or chronic, it can last for less or more than six months respectively. Typically, the condition resolves naturally over time.

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