Bimatoprost vs Latanoprost: Which is better for Glaucoma?

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Glaucoma - Bimatoprost vs Latanoprost

Glaucoma is an eye disorder caused due to high Intraocular pressure.

If not treated, Glaucoma can also lead to complete blindness.

According to a study by Allison, around 57.5 million people suffer from Open-angle Glaucoma worldwide.

Doctors primarily prescribe Prostaglandins like Bimatoprost and Latanoprost to treat eye disorders.

The question here is which Prostaglandin to choose?

Here, the article presents a detailed comparison between Bimatoprost and Latanoprost.

Bimatoprost vs Latanoprost: Which is better?

Bimatoprost and Latanoprost both belong to the class of Prostaglandins.

They work to release excess Aqueous humor from the eye.

In a study by Gandolfi that compares the efficacy of Bimatoprost v/s Latanoprost, it shows that Bimatoprost lowers eye pressure more effectively than Latanoprost.

Both these salts are generic versions of Lumigan/Latisse and Xalatan, respectively.

Like other medicines, Bimatoprost and Latanoprost also show side effects.

The most common side effect of Bimatoprost is Conjunctival Hyperemia.

Conjunctival Hyperemia
Conjunctival hyperemia is a reaction in the conjunctiva that appears as dilation and redness of the eye. The symptoms include eye pain, sensitivity to light, and conjunctival congestion are most common symptoms.

Latanoprost commonly causes permanent changes in eye color and headaches.

The evidence concluded that Bimatoprost provides greater Intraocular pressure lowering than Latanoprost.

What is Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost is a Prostaglandin analog that works to treat open-angle Glaucoma.

It was developed and marketed by Allergen under the brand name Lumigan.

It received FDA approval in 2001 for treating Intraocular high pressure.

Evidence has shown that it is one of the most efficacious medicines for reducing high IOP in eyes with open-angle Glaucoma.

As a preferred side effect of Bimatoprost, people observed growth of eyelashes.

Hence, in 2008 it was authorized for use as eyelash serum by the FDA.

It usually is available in two concentrations, 0.01%, and 0.03%.

Side effects of Bimatoprost include Conjunctival hyperemia, eye pruritus, Dry eye syndrome, and visual disturbances.

Bimatoprost ProductsPrice 
Actavis Bimatoprost 300 mcg (0.03%)$9.83
Bimat 3 ml 0.03%$12.24
Careprost 3 ml. of 0.03%$18.41

What is Latanoprost?

Latanoprost is one of the first currently used Prostaglandin.

It was developed by Cameras, an Ophthalmologist, and received FDA approval in 1996.

Latanoprost was developed under the brand name Xalatan and has been available in generic form since 2011.

Studies have shown that Latanoprost is more tolerable in Glaucoma patients.

It shows lower side effects and lower IOP effectively.

Side effects of Latanoprost include dry eyes, burning, stinging, changes in eye color, and darkening of the skin around the eyes.

9 PM Eye Drop 2.5ml containing Latanoprost is prescribed by doctors as a Glaucoma treatment.

Although both Bimatoprost and Latanoprost are safe medications, you should always consult a doctor before using them.

Bimatoprost v/s Latanoprost: Efficacy for Glaucoma

In comparing efficacy for treating Glaucoma, Bimatoprost showed better results than Latanoprost.

Glaucoma is treated by lowering Intraocular high pressure.

A comparison study between Bimatoprost and Latanoprost showed that patients treated with the former reported lower mean IOP.

Patients treated with Bimatoprost also reported greater response rates than Latanoprost.

Studies have also shown that Bimatoprost has demonstrated results in patients who were non-responsive to Latanoprost.

Also, Bimatoprost has the best results among all the other Prostaglandins.

Latanoprost vs Bimatoprost on Eyelash growth

Bimatoprost is the only eyelash serum approved by the FDA.

A low number of eyelashes indicates hypotrichosis of the eyelashes.

A side effect of Prostaglandins includes the growth of eyelashes.

They stimulate the resting follicles of eyelashes to grow hair and promote eyelash growth.

It also prolongs the growing phase of eyelashes, leading to an increase in eyelash length.

When the efficacy of all the Prostaglandins was studied comparatively, Bimatoprost showed the highest efficacy.

A study also showed that Bimatoprost had faster action for eyelash growth than Latanoprost.

Bimatoprost vs Latanoprost side effects

Glaucoma Medicine - Bimatoprost vs LatanoprostSource: towfiqu_ahamed_barbhuiya
Eye drop

Latanoprost is more tolerable than Bimatoprost.

A study showed that patients administered Bimatoprost experienced more side effects than those given Latanoprost.

The most common side effect of Bimatoprost is Conjunctival Hyperemia.

Headaches are a commonly observed side effect of Latanoprost.

Hence, in terms of side effects, Latanoprost has less severe side effects than Bimatoprost.

FDA Approval20011996
BrandLumigan/ LatisseXalatan
Glaucoma Efficacy Faster action to lower IOPComparatively slower action to lower IOP
Eyelash GrowthFDA-approved as an eyelash serumGrows eyelashes but is not FDA approved
Side effectsSevere side effects like Conjunctival HyperemiaCommon side effects observed are Headaches
Price$12 – $18$15 – $20

The final word

Glaucoma Eye Drop - Bimatoprost vs LatanoprostSource: RealPeopleGroup_from_Getty_Images_Signature
Glaucoma Eye Drop

Bimatoprost and Latanoprost have commonly used medications for treating open-angle Glaucoma and eyelash growth.

They are equally effective. Thus, it is inaccurate to say that one is stronger than the other.

The effectiveness of these medications may vary from individual to individual.

The best way to decide which to buy is by consulting a doctor.

The doctor can assist in determining the optimal course of action. They recommend the most beneficial treatment suiting your condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bimatoprost similar to Latanoprost?

No, Bimatoprost shows more efficacy for reducing intraocular pressure in Glaucoma patients

Can you use Latanoprost and Bimatoprost together?

No, Latanoprost and Bimatoprost are not safe to use together. In combination usage, they have shown opposite results of increased intraocular pressure in patients worsening the condition.

Where can I buy Bimatoprost?

You can buy Bimatoprost at the most genuine rates from the leading online pharmacy WowRxPharmacy.

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